Max Zhang enraged over Ada Choi's issue

Following Ada Choi's recent traumatic incident that saw her being forced by an event company to attend functions that she did not agreed on, the actress' husband, Max Zhang, recently turned to Weibo to rant.

As reported on Apple Daily website, the 39-year-old actor wrote, "What were you guys trying to do? You said one thing in the letter, and did another. Are you trying to bully her because she's a woman?"

He continued by refuting allegations that the actress was being uncooperative, stressing that Ada has already fulfilled her responsibility according to her contract, and accused the company as acting like kidnappers.

He continued, "Ask any woman whether they would be scared if they saw several big cars stopping her car on the highway? You guys scared a woman that much, that it's not enough just to scold you."

Meanwhile, the couple is contemplating on suing the event organizers for the trouble they have caused.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment