Ada Choi to start her own fashion label for kids

It was revealed that actress Ada Choi has recently made an investment to start her own children apparel, "A Child's Dream".

As reported on HK Channel website, the 40-year-old actress invested a seven-digit sum into her new business that is co-owned by two other partners, and has been contributing a lot of ideas for the designs.

The actress revealed that her inspiration comes from her two-year-old daughter, "Before I had any children, I never thought about children's fashion at all. But after the birth of my first daughter Zoe, I realised that she knows how to pick her own clothes."

"She would pick up which shoes to wear, and would even decline the clothes I chose for her. She is very opinionated and it is never easy to control her. Sometimes she even refuses to wear what I bought her if she doesn't like them."

The actress also came up with the idea of designing T-dresses, where a T-shirt would be attached to a skirt as a one-piece, and offering children the option of selecting different patterns to create their own design. Ada stated that their brand emphasizes on creativity and wants to help children create the style of their choosing.

"We are looking for a retail shop space at the moment and we hope that we will be able to enter the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese children's clothing market soon," the actress enthused.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment