2013 TVB Anniversary Awards maintains voting system

This year's TVB Anniversary Awards will continue the implementation of the voting system, as reported on HK Channel website.

While speaking to the media recently, TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming, confirmed that this year's winners will continue to be determined through votes, although more details will only be discussed later.

Although not a lot of information has been revealed about the event, as well as the fact that a lot of series have yet to be broadcasted, fans are already gearing up and discussing the possible winners.

Among the names that were mentioned to win 2012 TV King include Francis Ng, his "Triumph In The Skies II" co-star Kenneth Ma for the yet-to-air "The Hippocratic Crush II", and Dayo Wong in his new series "My Prime Lady".

However, Raymond Lam, who lost the title last year to Wayne Lai, may not receive a nomination this year, according to Mr. Tsang, who stated that the actor has not filmed any TVB series throughout 2013.

Meanwhile, fans are rooting for Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong, and Elena Kong to win Best Supporting Actress, without paying much attention to who will actually win TV Queen.

Meanwhile, some of the station's biggest contenders this year have yet to be aired, including the upcoming "Brother's Keeper", rom-com "My Prime Lady", "Rosy Business III", "Will Power", and "The Hippocratic Crush II".

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment