Kevin Cheng Launches New Mandarin Album to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Since Kevin Cheng joined EEG, he had been too busy filming Mainland dramas and hadn't had the chance to focus on his comeback in the music industry. Recently he launched his all new Mandarin song A Long Story Difficult to Explain (說來話長). Kevin is committed to launching his Mandarin album this Autumn and its also to celebrate his 20th anniversary in the industry. Lately Kevin took some time off to shoot two MVs in Taiwan. He invited his young 'see mui' Michelle Wai to be the female lead in his MV. The two portray a young couple in a heartwarming relationship, but unfortunately it was all just black-white images in his memory. Kevin said: "Actually each individual will have their difficult to explain story, just as long as you remember the person you love most in the story. In the MV, I really wanted to find my memories from 20 years ago at an antique camera shop, but realize there is no turning back for many things." He disclosed when his new album launches, he will also be launching a mini movie to convey the album's theme and hopes to pick up his singer status he had 20 years ago.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum