Matt Yeung Endured 14 Years to Become TVB "Biological Son"

Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung endured through 14 years before getting a position as TVB's Siu Sang and FaDan. However, their classmate from the TVB Artistes Training Class, Matt Yeung, is still lagging far behind the two! Matt admitted he misbehaved too much in the past, and could only invest time into "cleaning up" his image. It wasn't until this year that he had the opportunity to sign an artist management contract with TVB and get promoted.

When Matt was young, he had the looks and the height. Back then, he could even be considered better looking than Raymond Lam, but unfortunately he didn't treasure his opportunities and get in trouble with the law several times, such as drunk driving and property damage. All he had was negative news and a negative image.

Thinking back to the past, Matt blamed himself: "Back then I played too much, but I'm 32 years old now, I know I need to behave. You think I'm still 17?! I remember 4-5 years after I got into trouble, I was so miserable because my image hit rock bottom and I didn't have much work. My roles were either bad boys or some fility rich young master. Fortunately Tsang Jeh (TVB executive Catherine Tsang) still supported me and was willing to chat with me. In 2010, producer Tsui Yiu On bravely cast me in the sitcom Some Day. Although I was just a supporting actor, I portrayed a diligent chef and was able to ditch the bad boy image. My roles later concentrated on the third lead actor, and recently I just finished shooting new series Property Protector with Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung. I really have to thank Uncle Choi (Producer Leung Choi Yuen) for taking good care of me. Each time he starts a new series, he gives me the opportunity to participate in it."

Matt finally waited to the day he can stand out again. When he first signed as an artist on salary, his financial status finally improved and had a "mountain to lean on" when he became a TVB contracted artist. He said: "I know I don't have the singing skills, so I can't be like Fred Cheng, suddenly gaining so much popularity. Life is a long journey, but 14 year in show business is actually quite short, so I don't have to be in such a hurry, just as long as I work hard. Actually I am really happy for Fred Cheng, he's a great person. That day he just played a constable in Karma Rider, but now that he's popular, he's still just as nice as before."

Source: HKHeadline
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum