Maria Lai Makes Best Actresses Cry on "Telling Maria 2"

Maria Lai hosted the popular TVB talk show Telling Maria last year, where she had exclusive interviews with the best actors in the industry and made the show a big hit. This year, Maria hosts the second season Telling Maria 2 which will premiere on Monday September 30th. In season two, Maria interviews the Best Actresses in the industry including Carina Lau, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Anita Yuen, Sinje Lee, Veronica Yip, Charlie Yeung, and Mainland actress Vicky Zhao Wei. To promote the new talk show, TVB hosted a promotional event at The Grand Cinema and showed a 15 minute clip of interviews. Carina Lau and Veronica Yip were seen in tears during the interview. Carina talked about some of the unpleasant experiences she had in the film scene, "I have to thank those 4 individuals at the time, they were just following orders." It appeared Carina mentioned her past abduction in 1990. However, Maria denied they talked about that.

Sinje Lee mentioned her husband Pang Seun beat her in the past. At the time, the situation felt like he had a ghost in him! Anita Yuen touched on her past rumor of how was "kept" as a mistress by a rich man, whom provided financial support to her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum