Gordon Liu is determined to recover

Martial arts star Gordon Liu, who has been receiving long term therapy for the right side hemiplegia he suffered due to his stroke in 2011, was recently seen in a better mood and condition, as he wished fans a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

According to People website, the actor's friends recently helped him to open up a Facebook account and even posted several new photos of him. Actress Amy Fan, who has been his guardian since early this year, also shot a video to report on his recovery progress and revealed that Gordon has gained 2.5kg and looked healthier.

Amy stated, "He has been recovering fast with all his fans' support. Every time he learns that people are encouraging him to get better, he would smile at the thought that a lot of people are missing him."

She continued, "Master Lau has come to realise that people want him to be healthy and now wants to recover faster so that he can meet everybody again. He is in decent condition now and his friends even took him out for dinner to celebrate his birthday last August!"

Earlier, the actor received HKD 150,000 (app. USD 19,346) from the court from the sum of the money that he has entrusted to his former assistant Eva Fung that she refused to return. The money has been used for his medical bills and therapy.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment