Kate Tsui Creeped Out in a Bathing Scene with Nancy Wu

Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu and Oscar Leung were shooting for TVB new series Midas in To Kwa Wan. The scene was about Bosco taking advantage of the police and reporters to swallow the chairman of the company Law Lok Lam's assets. In reality, Bosco is a skilled investor, he laughed: "These things really can't be learned. We're practical, get money for the hard work." It was rumored Bosco's assets exceed HK$50 million. He said: "I hope to have more millions too, you guys are flattering me. Assets are kept confidential, who takes it out and lets people see it all the time?"

When speaking of Bosco's rich man role, he plays with girls and his wife Nancy Wu 'keeps one eye open, the other eye closed', Bosco laughed: "What?! You have to get to a certain social class and status, then women will have that kind of thinking. (Will you cheat?) Dealing with so many women is so annoying! (Have you been a two-timer before?) No. I don't dare to, I wouldn't be able to handle it."

As for Kate Tsui, she plays a lesbian in this series. She disclosed she'll have kiss scenes with several female artists and had already filmed a bathing scene with Nancy Wu the other day. Kate laughed and said she felt very anxious: "Nancy and I had to look as if we're nude, bathing together and I helped her fix her hair in the bath. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps. In real life, there was actually a girl who confessed to me before, but I take a step back on these things."

Also, the Communications Authority has issued an anti-competition fine of HK$900,000 on TVB. Bosco said its not for the artists to comment on. When speaking of Taiwanese artists having a lot more freedom, does he think TVB is destroying the opportunities? He said: "There are different regulations and laws in different areas. I think its best to leave it to the government to make the provisions. The entertainment industry is constantly improving." Kate expressed as a TVB artist, she will respect the contract and its spirit. Nancy said: "We had been working under these terms for a long time. If you choose to work for TVB, then you know the contract is like that. I think this platform is very suitable for me."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZangel @ AsianEU Forum