Ada Choi Opens Kidswear Store Offering Her Own Designed Clothing

Yesterday Ada Choi became a business owner, she and her good friends started a new company called Motion Picture (MP) (童夢工場 Children Dream Factory). Motion Picture offers designer kidswear and accessories, which were personally designed by Ada herself. Ada's husband and two daughters, Lawrence Ng, Flora Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Teresa Mo, Eileen Yeo and Mary Hon were all there to support her. As a business owner for the first time, Ada expressed she felt very excited when people called her "Lo Ban Leung" (female boss). She said: "I invested 7 figures into this business with two other friends. I will have to work harder to earn more money and open second store next season. I hope my business will make it in the stock market. (Your husband gave you the money to start this business?) We made this investment as a family of four, there is no distinguish of you or me in a family."

When speaking of Ada's "kidnap" incident in Mainland, she immediately stopped reporters from mentioning the terrifying event. "My lawyer and manager are handling the issue. (Will you work at Mainland again?) Of course! (Hire bodyguards?) This isn't about being careful or not, I've already done all my safety measures." She expressed she will teach her daughter to be aware of kidnappers and joked: "I will also teach my daughters to take up the responsibility as a [role]model, otherwise they won't get dinner." Yesterday Ada self-promoted her clothing brand on Weibo, while her husband reposted and joked: "Mrs. Choi, will family members get a discount?"

Source: Oriental Daily 
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum