Maria Lai Makes Best Actresses Cry on "Telling Maria 2"

Maria Lai hosted the popular TVB talk show Telling Maria last year, where she had exclusive interviews with the best actors in the industry and made the show a big hit. This year, Maria hosts the second season Telling Maria 2 which will premiere on Monday September 30th. In season two, Maria interviews the Best Actresses in the industry including Carina Lau, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Anita Yuen, Sinje Lee, Veronica Yip, Charlie Yeung, and Mainland actress Vicky Zhao Wei. To promote the new talk show, TVB hosted a promotional event at The Grand Cinema and showed a 15 minute clip of interviews. Carina Lau and Veronica Yip were seen in tears during the interview. Carina talked about some of the unpleasant experiences she had in the film scene, "I have to thank those 4 individuals at the time, they were just following orders." It appeared Carina mentioned her past abduction in 1990. However, Maria denied they talked about that.

Sinje Lee mentioned her husband Pang Seun beat her in the past. At the time, the situation felt like he had a ghost in him! Anita Yuen touched on her past rumor of how was "kept" as a mistress by a rich man, whom provided financial support to her.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

TVB Establishes Own Record Label Entices Raymond Lam to Renew Contract

Back in the day, due to the broadcasting regulations, TVB was not allowed to touch anything outside of television broadcast business, thus the company was forced close record label Capital Artists. However, today the restrictions have been relaxed and plus TVB had excavated a great number of talented singers through their singing shows The Voice and Voice of the Stars. TVB feels they qualify to nourish talents in the music industry and thus decided to establish their own record company called Star Dream Entertainment Limited "Star Dream" (星夢娛樂有限公司). Star Dream will not only help artists launch music albums, but will also help them open concerts, manage their work in showbiz and protect their reputations. Furthermore, the artists are absolutely not permitted to perform in something that will damage their image and hope to give them a balance in acting and singing. TVB music producer CW Tang (Tang Chi Wai) will be the main person in charge of the record label's productions. To date, the majority of Raymond Lam's songs were produced and composed by CW Tang.

It was understood, Raymond Lam, Fred Cheng, Linda Chung and Myolie Wu will be TVB's "Big Four" trump cards for the new record label. Other "Voice of the Stars" contestants like Ronald Law, Grace Wong and Shirley Yeung have hope in joining the music industry. Recently it had been widely rumored TVB Siu Sang Raymond Lam intends to leave the company, but TVB is still actively trying to make him stay and plans to make him Star Dream's "First Brother" in hope he'll change his mind. As for Fred Cheng, nicknamed the "High Score King", responded yesterday. "I don't mind which company I sign with. I'm waiting for TVB to make the arrangements. (How will you choose between singing and acting?) I've been acting in TV series for over 10 years, I really like acting, but if I had to choose, I really can't do it! Let TVB make the decision. (Do you think there is better success in singing?) I haven't thought about it that far. I want to concentrate on the October 12th and 13th Voice of Stars final first."

Linda still has a contract with Star Shine, in regards to returning to TVB's embrace? She said: "I'm from TVB, there is no say on who is my maternal home. Of course I will support TVB establishing their own record label. Its a good platform to let artists develop their talents, but I don't know how to plan because I still have several years left in my contract with Star Shine."

Source: Oriental Daily
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Raymond Cho's Dream Come True Opens His Own Ice Cream Shop

While Ada Choi had her children clothing store opening ceremony, Raymond Cho's new ice cream shop held its opening ceremony as well. Good friends Wayne Lai, Ben Wong and Timmy Hung were there to support him. Raymond's in-laws John Chiang and Lee Lam Lam, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung sent flower baskets to congratulate him.

Raymond expressed he wanted to open an ice cream shop 30+ years ago, "But I never thought of putting the idea to practice and coincidentally my brother and his partner opened a new restaurant, so I decided to join them." This time, not only is this a dream come true for Raymond, it also gives him an alternative. He said: "I'm just trying to give myself another path to go on because my kids are still in school and its difficult to make a living. Friends can also have another place to hang out. (How much did you invest in this business?) Each person invested 7 figures." He disclosed he will open another restaurant in the same location: "Because I invested in two shops, but still haven't decided what type of restaurant yet. (You're thinking of opening a food chain?) I don't dare to think that big, but even though I started my own business, I'll still concentrate my work on acting. (When will you have time to be with your family?) I'll try my best. If don't work harder, can't make enough money."

Source: Oriental Daily
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Ada Choi Opens Kidswear Store Offering Her Own Designed Clothing

Yesterday Ada Choi became a business owner, she and her good friends started a new company called Motion Picture (MP) (童夢工場 Children Dream Factory). Motion Picture offers designer kidswear and accessories, which were personally designed by Ada herself. Ada's husband and two daughters, Lawrence Ng, Flora Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Teresa Mo, Eileen Yeo and Mary Hon were all there to support her. As a business owner for the first time, Ada expressed she felt very excited when people called her "Lo Ban Leung" (female boss). She said: "I invested 7 figures into this business with two other friends. I will have to work harder to earn more money and open second store next season. I hope my business will make it in the stock market. (Your husband gave you the money to start this business?) We made this investment as a family of four, there is no distinguish of you or me in a family."

When speaking of Ada's "kidnap" incident in Mainland, she immediately stopped reporters from mentioning the terrifying event. "My lawyer and manager are handling the issue. (Will you work at Mainland again?) Of course! (Hire bodyguards?) This isn't about being careful or not, I've already done all my safety measures." She expressed she will teach her daughter to be aware of kidnappers and joked: "I will also teach my daughters to take up the responsibility as a [role]model, otherwise they won't get dinner." Yesterday Ada self-promoted her clothing brand on Weibo, while her husband reposted and joked: "Mrs. Choi, will family members get a discount?"

Source: Oriental Daily 
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Aaron Kwok Puts His Hands In Cement In Mid Air

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended a PCCW-HKT press conference. His film THE CONSPIRATORS (TUNG MAU) was selected for the Asia Pacific Film Festival, he pointed out that although the film could not be compared to THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) he was still happy about receiving the jury's appreciation. His hard work has been recognized and he felt pleased. In the end whether he would win or not it was unimportant. The most important was this nomination kept his confidence going.

Was he confident about an award? Sing Sing said, "An actor has to have confidence. The most important is to be yourself. I thank the vent for giving me a shot of confidence. I will continue to be an excellent actor, choose good scripts and make good movies." Although good scripts were hard to com by, he has not planned to invest in films. Not only did he feel the risk was great, Hong Kong also lacked excellent new generation actors.

Speaking of mobile phones, Sing Sing said that he was not one of the "lowered head clan". Normally he rarely looked at his phone. When he was making a movie he would leave the phone with his assistant. He said that he has never sent any love text messages, normally online he would only look at his own photos and reports. Recently the text messages that he received were all related to his film SILENT WITNESS. Sing Sing said, "This film after ten years in release in Beijing has already made 120 million yuan. On the official site 1.61 million people were talking about the film.

Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: hktopten 

Tony Leung Chiu Wai Is Not Too Confident About Best Actor

Tony Leung Chiu Wai who went to Qingdao for an event due to the typhoon had his flight delayed and did not return to Hong Kong until two nights ago. He was unable to make his wife Carina Lau Ka Ling's film YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE RISE OF THE SEA DRAGON (DIK YUN KIT ji SUN DOH LUNG WONG) premiere.

Wai Jai was in good spirits when he saw the press in the airport lobby. He said that three days ago due to typhoon no flight was available. He originally planned to take the 2PM flight but in the end it was postponed until its evening arrival in Hong Kong and he was unable to make Ka Ling's premiere. His film THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) will vie for the Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination and the Asian Pacific Film Festival awards. He will compete against Andy Lau Tak Wa, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, and Nick Cheung Ka Fai for Best Actor. Wai Jai was happy that THE GRANDMASTERS will represent Hong Kong. As for the Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actor, he did not know who was his competition. After finding out he said that everyone had a chance and he was not too confident.

Wai Jai and Zhou Xun were linked in rumors. Recently Zhou Xun was rumored to be pregnant. He said, "Gossip is for everyone to gossip about, no one has to be too serious. (Are you afraid that Ka Ling would see the report?) It's just gossip, everyone is just gossiping."

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The Stolen Years Breaks HK$ 10 Million In Hong Kong

The Barbara Wong Chun Chun directed, Joseph Chang, Fay Bai Baihe starred film THE STOLEN YEARS since its release on September 12 has made over HK$ 10 million as of 4PM yesterday. It also broke the 140 million yuan RMB mark in the Mainland and it remained on the top of the Taiwan box office since its release. Currently in Morocco for a film festival, Wong Chun Chun was very happy about the Hong Kong box office and hoped that everyone would learn to cherish those around them; Joseph Chang and Bai Baihe also thanked Hong Kong viewers for their support.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten 

Donnie Yen Mulls Over Bus Action Scenes

Donnie Yen Chi Tan yesterday attended the JOURNEY WITH YOU: HONG KONG BUS STORY exhibition opening ceremony. He saw all the retro buss on display and rushed in excitedly. He said that when he was little he often took the bus, now although it was inconvenient he still would take his son to ride the double decker bus overseas on their vacations. Yen Chi Tan said, "Just now in the bus, I was thinking how to make an action scene on the bus and how to jump from the window to look good." He said earlier that his movie earlier also had many scenes on the bus. He also would like the bus company support for his movie about the Kowloon Walled City next year. Will it be an action film? Yen Chi Tan said, "I hope that the movies I make would stay in Hong Kong whether it is its subject or location. If I don't fight, who would give me money to make it? I will still have to act myself. Because of the overseas market the film has to coordinate with the market."

The film SPECIAL ID (DUT SHU SUN FUN) will be released next month. In the film he played an undercover cop. In the film he had to smoke and swear. Playing a Wise Guy for the first time, he said that before hand he studied Chow Yun Fat's CITY ON FIRE (LUNG FU FUNG WON) performance. At the same time he added street fighting, special forces combat and other techniques, the fighting will be more ferocious than in SPL (SAT POR LONG) and FLASH POINT (DOH FOR SIN).

Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: hktopten 

Mark Chao's Goal Is To Wed At Age 30

Carina Lau Ka Ling, Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting), Angelababy (Yang Ying), director Tsui Hark, producer Shi Nan Sun and Emperor Motion Pictures boss Albert Yeung sau Sing two nights ago attended the film YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE RISING OF THE SEA DRAGON (DIK YUN KIT ji SUN DOH LUNG WONG) premiere. Charlie Yeung Choi Nei and Irene Wan Bik Ha showed their support as well. September 25 was Chiu Yau Ting's 29th birthday. Everyone raised a glass to toast to him. He said that he almost forgot his own birthday and he will spend it at work.

Co-star Baby said that sh would give a tablet computer as a birthday gift. Later she will invite her to her restaurant for dinner. Since his girlfriend Gao Yuanyuan is working on a movie in Hong Kong, will they celebrate together? Chiu Yau Ting said, "We will see. She has to work on a movie. If everyone (the media) would give us some space then we would have time to meet. I have already received her gift, I am very happy but I am not telling what it is."

Chiu Yau Ting revealed that his birthday wish was for the film to be a big hit, for now he has not wished to wed. However his goal was to wed at age 30. Then he will wed a year later? He awkwardly said, "We will see. Since it will happen anyway, I will tell everyone then. (Have you mentioned marriage to Gao Yuanyuan?) This needs an official proposal." Chiu Yau Ting tried to change the subject and asked reporters to interview Baby, but even Baby made fun of him. "Chiu Yau Ting is very responsible, if he gets married he has to invite him to his wedding banquet."

Carina Lau Ka Ling said that she has already seen the film and thought the effects were shocking. She got a lot of energy from working with a group of young actors and looked forward to the good box office performance. She was not too worried; because she has exceeded her quota and completed the film, she should not measure the result with the box office. She said, "Making this film was rather rough, but that's the way it is for actors. In the film I saw how powerful my martial art was, which was already worth it."

Source: Mingpao, Singtao
Translated by: hktopten 

Chapman To Has Chrissie Chau Eating Out His Hand

Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Chapman To Man Jat worked together in the Wong Jing directed new film MR. AND MRS. PLAYER (LAN GWUN FU DAU LAN GWUN CHAI). Sister Na admitted that everyday after work she would be unhappy because she could not hear Ah Jat's funny gags. She said, "All of my most extreme scenes I gave to Ah Jat. From head to toe I liked him so much. He has beauty from within, a sense of humor and always treated me to snacks! (Do you mind men who flirt?) He might not be able to do what he says. I am OK with 'flirting men'!" Sister Na after a heart break had another experience with cheating men and philandering men. She said, "Men are naturally philandering, girls after a long relationship would love them more and have a very hard time with differentiating between love and sex. Yet it doesn't mean that I accept philandering men. I wouldn't torture myself like this!"

Ah Jat after haring Sister Na's acceptance of "flirting men" immediately flirted, "Why did I treat Sister Na to tarts? Because 'do to others as you would them do to you' I look forward to Sister Na treating me to tarts!" Ah Jat also revealed his favorite Sister Na "specialty". "My favorite is Sister Na's scar on her leg (she scorched her right leg on a motorcycle exhaust pipe while making PAPER MOON in 2011 and left a permanent scar). Which goddess doesn't have a scar? Her scar is perfect!"

Ah Jat's comment made Sister Na very happy. He even pointed out that his MR. AND MRS. GAMBLERS (LAN DOH FU DAU LAN DOH CHAI) co-star Fiona Sit Hoi Kei could not compare. H said, "Tell Ah Fi to take a ruler and measure the sizes first! When she sees Sister Na she has to automatically enhance her bust! Sister Na is an otaku goddess! (Are you afraid of your wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei's jealousy?) People are greedy, no man is faithful and never screws around, but in this business people have their eyes on me. I can't act up so my old lady is very at ease!"

Translated by: hktopten 

Kelvin Kwan denies dating Chrissie Chau

Hong Kong singer-actor Kelvin Kwan recently dismissed rumours of a blossoming relationship with sexy actress Chrissie Chau, after the two of them were recently spotted doing a recreational activity together.

According to I-Cable website, while speaking to the media at the Joyful Mental Health Foundation's Ocean Park Charity Run event on 17 November, the actor, who is one of the organisation's ambassadors together with actress Joey Meng, looked slightly embarrassed when asked about the rumours of him dating Chrissie.

Kelvin denied that they have been secretly dating for three months, and explained, "We are only friends. We've become close after shooting "Kick Ass Girls" and will meet up for exercise whenever we can get together. But she's busy and often had to work overseas anyway."

Since both of them are still single, the media asked Kelvin if there is any chance that that friendship will turn into love. The 30-year-old actor answered, "That would depend on fate."

Chrissie was also asked about her relationship with Kelvin, and laughingly answered, "We were just exercising! Actually I know he's been physically active, so I decided to get some fitness advice from him."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

Angelababy doesn't want to talk about marriage

Model-actress Angelababy wants everybody to give her some space when it comes to her personal life.

As reported on QQ website, while attending the promotional event for her new movie, "Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon" with co-star Mark Chao in Hong Kong on 24 September, the 24-year-old actress was pursued by the media who wanted her side of the story about her recent dinner with Huang Xiaoming's parents.

Angelababy admitted to meeting the actor's parents and said, "I have always taken great care of my friends. When I worked with Mark's father in the movie "First Time", I treated him like my own father."

When asked if the Huangs came to Hong Kong to discuss marriage with her, Angelababy lamented, "Please. I want to have more personal space. I hope that everybody can just spare me!"

About her upcoming trip to Paris for Fashion Week, the actress was again asked if she would buy gifts for Huang and his parents, to which she answered, "I will only look out for female clothing. I will buy some for myself and treat myself a little better."

"Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon" will be released in cinemas beginning 27 September.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

Cheung Tat-ming to direct a movie

Cancer survivor Cheung Tat-ming recently revealed that he will be directing a movie.

According to Sina website, while speaking to the media at a press conference on 23 September, the 49-year-old actor stated, "I am in the middle of writing a script right now. Next year I will be directing a film, though I will not be involved as an actor."

He also added that "Vulgaria" director Pang Ho-cheung has agreed to produce the movie.

When asked about the current condition of his health, Cheung was all smiles and expressed, "I am a bit on the chubby side now and need to exercise harder. My limbs are still numb, so I have to walk more than jog."

He also revealed that he had turned down a lot of job offers previously due to his weak state, but he will now be taking on jobs that he could handle, which include hosting events, in order to absorb more positive energy.

Cheung continued, "Of course, I can't stand for more than two hours for one show, but I am okay about hosting."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

Ada Choi to start her own fashion label for kids

It was revealed that actress Ada Choi has recently made an investment to start her own children apparel, "A Child's Dream".

As reported on HK Channel website, the 40-year-old actress invested a seven-digit sum into her new business that is co-owned by two other partners, and has been contributing a lot of ideas for the designs.

The actress revealed that her inspiration comes from her two-year-old daughter, "Before I had any children, I never thought about children's fashion at all. But after the birth of my first daughter Zoe, I realised that she knows how to pick her own clothes."

"She would pick up which shoes to wear, and would even decline the clothes I chose for her. She is very opinionated and it is never easy to control her. Sometimes she even refuses to wear what I bought her if she doesn't like them."

The actress also came up with the idea of designing T-dresses, where a T-shirt would be attached to a skirt as a one-piece, and offering children the option of selecting different patterns to create their own design. Ada stated that their brand emphasizes on creativity and wants to help children create the style of their choosing.

"We are looking for a retail shop space at the moment and we hope that we will be able to enter the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese children's clothing market soon," the actress enthused.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

Linda Chung breaks down on set

The Hong Kong-based actress is said to be troubled by her relationship woes

TVB actress Linda Chung was recently seen throwing tantrums and breaking down in tears on set of new drama Tiger Cubs II, due to relationship problems with her long-time rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng.

Speculations claiming that the two broke up surfaced after Philip was spotted hanging out frequently with his well-endowed church friend lately. Sources also revealed that the break-up was initiated by the actor last month.

'He suggested that both parties focus on building their careers for the next few years. And if they still love each other after that, they can consider getting back together again,' said an insider.

Although Linda was against the idea, she accepted his preposition as he was firm about it. However, the 29-year-old was devastated after reports of Philip's new budding romance were published.

Speaking in a recent interview, Linda admitted that she is aware of the existence of Philip's female church friend, but she denied breaking down during filming because of her personal problems.

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment

Stubborn Sammul Chan Wants a Good Reputation: "I'm Really Despicable"

The Hong Kong television circle and the Hong Kong society are of a common origin. When someone pours out their devotion and heart into their work, then people will say their "being fake", but Sammul Chan (nicknamed "Sam Miu") described himself as "despicable". He has a vision far out into the future, "Every minute, every second I put into filming today, my children and grandchildren will have the chance to see it." Thus, Sammul does everything he can without second thoughts to leave behind a good reputation for himself.

August 2010, Sammul Chan left TVB and entered the Mainland market. He spent three years performing in China and finally gained recognition. On Weibo, he already has nearly 5 million fans following him and once his grand production Beauty at the Crossfires (烽火佳人) releases at the end of the year, his number of followers could probably exceed the HK total population.

Recently Sammul came back to HK for three weeks, and its been like that for the past three years, he'll be flying back and forth between HK and China. "Many people ask me why don't I just move up there (China), my home is in HK after all, my family and friends are there. Everything is just much more convenient." After departing from the HK television industry, Sammul got to enjoy the life of a common citizen, "In the past, I thought artists shouldn't be taking the bus or subway, but then again I thought to myself, I'm a taxpayer too, why am I hiding at home? Today, I frequently take the subway and during rush hours, I'll just put on a mouth mask."

Sammul's manager Ivy accompanied him on this interview, the two have been working together for over ten years. When the reporter asked Ivy why she decided to sign Sammul, who was still working as a DJ at the time, to be one of her managed artists? She said: "Simply because I supported him, also his vocals is very inspirational." Ivy said a newcomer with potential usually go a long way and now they've been working together for 10+ years, the word 'fate' isn't enough to describe the connection.

Over the years, Sammul has matured a lot and lost the young boy feeling. In acting, his decisions doesn't change that easily, and that is one of the reasons why he's a popular choice for Mainland producers. Sammul said: "I am a committed person with expectations, I won't let productions that are no good go on air, so I really don't like to handle interpersonal relationships. I would rather spend more time on analyzing the script or discuss with the other cast. So, some artists don't like me. For example, when I have to do a sad scene, I would maintain that sad mood the entire day and wouldn't say a word. Other people think I'm hard to predict, and think I'm strange."

"My thought is, the audience watch me on screen for one or two minutes, but how much do the audience really know of what happened behind the cameras? But I think certain persistence is worth it, it is necessary. How can you be playing at this moment, and the next moment get into the right emotions for that particular scene? I think there will definitely be something lacking, not even the best actors can be distracted. Of course, there are some that will say why should it be like that? But I've opened up now, there will people that like you and others that think you're annoying. Whatever. But I think the ones who's watching is the audience, not you!"

This "bad habit" existed during his time at TVB and in which led to many unpleasant experiences. Sammul said: "I really am a despicable person! During my time at TVB, I really enjoyed learning new things, such as in costume dramas, we use a rope to pull layers and layers of clothing together. I would go and watch how they do it. How can they assemble it all together? I even learned to blow dry hair, putting on wigs and putting on special makeup. Nowadays when I'm out working, some new staff that don't perform as well, I would just go and do it myself. Once I do it myself, they begin to think what is the value of them being here?"

Of course, Sammul has heard nasty comments. "There was one time another artist was shooting a wide shot, he said to me, 'Hey Sammul Gor, we've been standing here with you for really long time. It's been too tiring for us, I need to go and get my rest. You can stand here yourself!' Why do I have to stand there? Because even if I finished shooting my scenes, I want to watch other people shoot their scenes, so I can understand their response, then when its my turn to film, I can adjust my own reaction and acting style. If you just go and take a nap, then how will you know what your co-star's reaction was? Also, its a form of respect."

Source: HKEJ, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Moses Chan Gets New Home Ready to Welcome Pregnant Aimee Back

Yesterday Moses Chan attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Chow Tai Fook's new store opening ceremony. Moses was presented with a 1117 number affiliation to commemorate November 17, 2007, the day he became TV King, but Moses forgot about that important moment. He was also given a golden baby bracelet. Since Moses married Aimee Chan, they have been separated in two locations -- Aimee is in Canada for her pregnancy, while Moses is back in HK working. As for the gender of the baby, Moses announced Aimee is returning to HK soon, he said: "Relax! You won't miss out."

However, Moses is currently busy working on a new film, so he will not be able to make a personal trip to Canada to bring his wife back, instead a relative will be traveling back with her and he will definitely pick her up at the airport. Asked of the baby's gender? Moses kept it a secret: "I cannot tell you yet, later! I can tell you all that we have already chosen the baby's English name, and our parents are responsible for the Chinese name." Because pregnant women cannot come into close contact with animals, but Aimee still took a picture with her dog. Moses said: "She knows, she won't be around him all the time. She will keep her distance. There are some things pregnant women must do. (Renovations done at the new home?) Still a lot to do, but its about done. I'm very excited for many things, there were just too many happy events this year, one wave after another. I'm almost done shooting my new film, so I'll have time to accompany my wife because she's about to enter the most difficult trimester. She gets tired easily. (Will you give her massages when she gets leg cramps?) Of course! I need to learn how take care of the newborn and my wife."

Its been a while since Moses been in a film, it was said there was a major increase in his salary this time around. Moses smiled and denied. He frankly expressed he's not paid 10 times more, like how its rumored in the public. Moses had a shiny 4 karat diamond ring on his ring finger, he laughed and said he hopes Chow Tai Fook will give him one too. Asked if he'll consider buying his wife a few more diamonds since he's earning a lot more now? Moses' eyes grew big as he shouted: "Wah! Then I'll have to get lots of discounts in order to do so!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Kate Tsui Embarrassed by Big Birthmark on Chest

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Chrissie Chau and evaL attended the Sincere HK store opening ceremony. Kate appeared in a sexy purple deep V dress, revealing the big birthmark on her chest. She said: "My mom had me like this, luckily the birthmark didn't get bigger and bigger. Stop looking, so embarrassing." Kate expressed she's just dressing for the ocassion, asked if she Chrissie Chau is her opponent is dressing sexily? She said: "No, in terms of body figure, I cannot compare to her."

Chrisse and Kelvin Kwan were rumored after they were spotted jogging together, she laughed: "We were just exercising. Actually I know he's been physical active, so was just getting some advice from him." Chrissie stressed she and Kelvin are just friends.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

Chrissie Chau's Beijing New Flame Is Not Married

Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Chapman To Man Jat two nights ago attended the film MR. AND MRS. PLAYER (LAN GWUN FU DAU LAN GWUN CHAI) premiere. Sister Na's dress was made too tight and flattened her bust, but she did not seem to mind at all. She even smiled and said that even was enough. On the other hand she felt Ah Jat's muscles were very attractive and she wanted to touch them, but seeing Mrs. To Krystal Tin Yui Nei on hand she did not dare to act.

Sister Na said that although she successfully beat the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal 8 to work in Beijing, but she did not have time to make dinner plans with a Beijing friend who she mentioned earlier. He did not approach her either.

Was the Beijing friend the supposedly married heir Dong Lu? She said, "No! I don't know why the writing turned into him. He has a wife, of course he can't be. He is just a business friend. As for the friend I am getting to know everyone can call him Mr. B, Beijing friend. Whether or not he is another heir it is unimportant. After I get to know him I will tell everyone." When asked if her former boyfriend Avis Chan Wai Sing and his girlfriend Yumi Wan Chun Hei's constant public displays of affection made her eyes hurt? She only lightly said that she did not notice.

Ah Jat successfully lost weight to prepare for his new film next month, NAKED AMBITION 2 (HO CHING 2). His wife Tin Yui Nei said that she was not afraid of the attention that his fitness would draw and that Ah Jat should be the on who was afraid. Ah Jat said, "I agree with what my wife said too. She is constantly taking roles that have many romances, relationship is very fragile so I have to increase my own self worth. Now I am working hard for the new mobile phone release. I hope to get it before my wife's birthday for a present. I also already planned to personally cook and celebrate my wife's birthday with my wife and our new cat."

When asked if he wanted to challenge Nick Cheung Ka Fai who also trained for a movie, he said, "He made UNBEATABLE and I will just make bed scenes! Because I will have to show my rear, I have to train too. I have to transform into 'Gu Gui Gei' (Rear Big Muscle), now I am just "Gu Siu Gei' (Rear Little Muscle)!" Ah Jat pointed out that the new film will not only have the soon retiring Japanese adult video actor Taka Kato, but the film company also wanted to invite "Blow Job God" Takuya-San to join the cast. Ah Jat said, "Because I ran into a setback and became impotent, I had to find him to bring me back to life." He joked that Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) persuaded him to try it once no matter what.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: hktopten

Baby John's Salary Increases 4 Times

The Adam Wong Sau Ping directed, Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik starred THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI) as of September 23rd would have been in release for 7 weeks as its cumulative box office headed toward HK$ 13 million. It even won the Audience Award at the Fukuoka International Film Festival. Two nights ago a celebration was held. Choi Hong Yik revealed that later he will work with Eddie Cheung Siu Fai on a horror film. The salary will be 3 to 4 times higher than his for THE WAY WE DANCE.

Later working with Miki Yeung Oi Kun on a suspense, Ngan Cheuk Ling did not know how much of a raise she would get. "The manager is handling it, I only focus on making the movie." Ngan Cheuk Ling is in negotiation for a comedy. She claimed to have a sense of humor. "As a comedy star I will be out of control. I don't mind being made ugly, like (Karen) Mok Man Wai in GOD OF COOKERY (SIK SUN). I am not too pretty anyway." She hoped that the film production would not affect her education and she would not need to skip classes.

Source: Mingpao
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The Grandmasters And Unbeatable Battle Again At The Asia Pacific Film Festival

The Asia Pacific Film Festival this year reached its 56th year. The Federation of Motion Picture Producers of Hong Kong Limited yesterday announced that after its board of directors election, films that will represent Hong Kong in competition will include CONSPIRATORS (TUNG MAU), BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM), UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN), THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI) and THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI). The films and their actors will compete for the Asia Pacific Film Festival awards.

Although UNBEATABLE lost to THE GRANDMASTERS for the bid to represent Hong Kong to compete for the Oscars Best Foreign Film nomination, they will battle again at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Andy Lau Tak Wa will vie for awards.

THE GRANDMASTERS' director Wong Kar Wai said that this year's Hong Kong film quality brought people cheer. "I hope the GRANDMASTERS will be able to perform and bring glory to Hong Kong film." Leung Chiu Wai felt that everyone's years of effort on THE GRANDMASTERS brought great rewards. Zhang Ziyi was very pleased. "The continuous honor brought back warm memories from the shoot. The effort of the colleagues become even more meaningful." Johnnie To Kei Fung described BLIND DETECTIVE as Lau Tak Wa's crowning achievement and hoped that Wai Ka Fai would win a screenplay award with this film. Lau Tak Wa hoped that Sammi Cheng Sau Man and To Kei Fung would win.

Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: hktopten 

Lee Sinjie Wants To Experience The Motherhood Process

The Pang Brothers directed, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Angelica Lee Sinjie and Eddie Cheung Siu Fai starred film OUT OF INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 3D) two nights ago held a Yan Chai charity premiere. In a red dress Lee Sinjie again attracted pregnancy suspicions, which she denied. "I am not pregnant, I would let the child come naturally and not give myself too much pressure. My husband (Oxide Pang Shun) already has one daughter and he is ambivalent. Maybe I want it a little more, as I want to experience the process of being a mother." She did not take Chinese herbal medicine to nourish her body and tried to live as normally as she could. Despite the premiere, she still ran in the morning. She also practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Koo Tin Lok denied investing in OUT. Was he interested in investing in a film? He said, "If I invest, I definitely would find my co-star of 12 films Lau Ching Wan to star. No one has ever asked me to invest my salary. I rather enjoy my job as an actor. I am not too interested in investing. The film production risk is enormous. Unless it is a sure thing or I really like the script, I wouldn't consider it yet." Lau Ching Wan admitted that he was only interested in acting. Did he invest in real estate? He said, "No comment." Did he leave it for his wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming to take care of? "My wife also doesn't have too much interest in investing."

Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) came in support. She just finished her Lunar New Year film, in which she was paired with Yu Bo. Did she like "big guys" now? She joked, "I only expected his height to be taller. I play a pregnant woman so I can't wear high heels." She will head to Paris for a fashion show and shop on the trip. "I like to look at pretty things, including handsome men. However I don't want a foreign romance because the cultures are different. Chinese people are more suitable."

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Kelvin Kwan Admits To Running At Night With Chrissie Chau

Joey Man Yi Man, Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Meg Lam Kin Ming yesterday promoted the November 17 Joyful Mental Health Foundation Ocean park charity run. Man Yi Man and Kwan Chor Yiu will be the ambassadors and participate in the run to raise funds. Kwan Chor Yiu after working with Chrissie Chau Sau Na on KICK ASS GIRLS (BAU 3 CHIU GIU WA) were rumored to be dating in secret for 3 months. When they met for a night run they appeared close. Yesterday Kwan Chor Yiu appeared embarrassed when asked about his rumors with Sister Na. They became familiar due to the movie shoot, they were only friends who met for exercise and were not dating. He said that Sister Na often had to work overseas so they rarely met to run. However he would invite her to participate in the Joyful Foundation charity fun. He and Sister na were both single, would they have any chance to develop? Kwan Chor Yiu said that it would depend on fate. Big Sister Ming cut in and joked, "Chau Sau Na is my younger version, if you are destined that I have to congratulate you!" He awkwardly smiled but did not reply.

Source: Mingpao, Singtao
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Angelababy Pleads For Mercy When Asked About Marriage Rumors

Angelababy (Yang Ying) and Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) yesterday promoted their film YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE RISING OF THE SEA DRAGON (DIK YUN KIT ji SUN DOH LUNG WONG). Some media outlets caught Huang Xiaoming bringing his parents to Hong Kong to meet his girlfriend Baby earlier and claimed that they were discussing marriage; Baby admitted that she has met Huang Xiaoming's parents but denied the wedding rumor. Reportedly she took great care of his parents? She said, "I have always taken great care of friends around me. When I worked with Chiu Yau Ting's father on the film FIRST TIME, I also took great care for Father Chiu. I even took care of Chiu Yau Ting. (Did Huang Xiaoming's parents come to Hong Kong to discuss marriage?) I want to have more personal space and ask everyone to spare me." Today she will head to Paris for Fashion Week. Will she buy any gift for his parents? She said, "I will buy some for myself and treat myself a little better. (Will you shop for Huang Xiaoming?) I will check out female clothing only."

Chiu Yau Ting worked with Baby again. He pointed out that Baby used to just people an impression of a pretty exterior. This time she truly was an actress. He said that because the film had many under water scenes, it was very tough. In one scene he had to dive from 3 meter above into a 6 meter deep pool, which took 3 days to make. The water pressure made him very uncomfortable and gave him a nosebleed. He joked that he has been scared off and would never make another scene in the water.

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Miriam Yeung Has "Zero Smile" On Her First Collaboration With Johnnie To

The Johnnie To Kei Fung directed new film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2) yesterday shot on location in Tsim Sha Tsui. Vic Chou Yu Man (Jai Jai) and Gao Yuanyuan who have worked with To Sir performed an intimate "rear smacking" scene with familiarity. On the other hand Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Miriam Yeung Chin Wa was a little nervous on her first collaboration with To Sir and did not smile at all!

With the 2011 film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART's ideal box office and word of mouth, a sequel recently began production. Aside from the original cast of Louis Koo Tin Lok and Gao Yuanyuan, Chou Yu Man and Yeung Chin Wa joined the cast as nw blood. Yesterday they shot on location at a Tsim Sha Tsui wedding shop. Known for being serious, director To Kei Fung often ran back and forth to check out the marks. Around noon Jai Jai and Gao Yuanyuan's wedding gown fitting scene was shot first. While Gao Yuanyuan concentrated on looking at the mirror Jai Jai gave her a smack on the rear with familiarity. To Sir even personally instructed Jai Jai how to give the spanking. Jai Jai and Yuanyuan both have worked with To Sir before and were full of chemistry. After being instructed they very quickly got into character.

Because Jai Jai and Gao Yuanyuan's current boyfriend Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) over a year ago worked together on the Taiwan series BLACK AND WHITE were rumored to be at odds over the Golden Bell Award, before the shoot some worried that their collaboration would be awkward. However, Jai Jai before hand praised Gao Yuanyuan on her aura and on the set they chatted and laughed. On the other hand, Yeung Chin Wa who was working with To Sir for the first time seemed to need some time. When she drove a white Ferrari Chin Wa had "zero smile" in the car or on the side of the road. She appeared to be tense throughout. Rain came and the production was forced to halt. When the crew brought umbrellas to her, Chin Wa frowned and quickly left.

At night another scene was shot. Both lead actresses changed costumes. Gao Yuanyuan pointed around on the street corner while Chin Wa continued to have no expression. Actually, Chin Wa has been working on two films DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 and MAN JU SA WA (MANJUSAKA) recently and at the time she was already complaining. She said, "After shooting these two movies, I definitely have to take a break. Otherwise I would go nuts, at least I will take a few months off!" With this cast including the other lead actor Koo Tin Lok all worked with To Sir before, no wonder the new addition Chin Wa would feel the pressure.

Source: Singtao
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Gillian Chung dissatisfied with her name change: My company made me change it

Chilam Cheung, Gillian Chung and Kara Hui attended the premiere press conference of the movie "Fox Lover" in Beijing. Due to the typhoon, Gillian Chung arrived two hours late. Upon her late arrival, the reporters present impatiently booed, creating an awkward situation. Since Chilam flew to Beijing from Wuhan after finishing an event, he avoided the disaster. Chilam was arranged to sing "The Moon Represents My Heart" to stall for time with Kara Hui as a dance partner. Chilam said, "I flew here from Wuhan ahead of time yesterday, or else I would also have arrived late. Actually, Ah Gil also did not want it to happen."

As it turns out, the host for the event indicated that Ah Gil was in the process of applying makeup, creating a misunderstanding that she arrived late due to makeup. Ah Gil shouted the injustice, "I practically did not apply makeup. I rushed over from the airport and only applied lipstick and eye shadow."

Gillian bluntly stated that the first few days of filming, she felt that she made mistakes during every scene. During one scene, she could not help but cry, not knowing how to meet the director's requests. Reporters also took note that Gillian Chung had already changed her name from 钟欣桐 to 钟欣潼. When asked if it was in search of marriage destined by fate, she bluntly said that was said from reporters. In fact, from beginning to end, she did not like her new name at all. However, her management company said that it would be good for her career, so she changed it. She said that she also has mixed feelings because she has already used this name for so many years. But, she also indicated that the word used in her previous name (third name change) was too refined and gentle, unlike herself.

Source: Sina, Phoenix News Media
Translated by: Starlightcolors @ AsianFanatics Forum

Angelababy meets Huang Xiaoming's parents

The rumoured couple spent Mid-Autumn Festival together last week

Are wedding bells ringing for Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and his rumoured girlfriend Angelababy?

According to Taiwanese media, Xiaoming specially arranged for his parents to meet up with Angelababy in Hong Kong last week. The model-actress reportedly showed up at the restaurant way before the arrival of her 'future in-laws', who appeared to be very pleased with her gestures.

As it happened to be Mid-Autumn Festival that day, Xiaoming's parents returned to the hotel and left the couple to their own plans after the dinner session ended at 9pm. Attentive to their needs, Angelababy helped the elderly board the car before driving off to her apartment with Xiaoming.

Sharing insights on their Mid-Autumn date, Angelababy posted a photo of her Dior mooncakes on Instagram, while Xiaoming uploaded a similar entry about the festival on his microblog later that night.

Sources also revealed that Xiaoming, who is known to respect his parents' opinions very dearly, hopes to set up his own family before his 40th birthday. The 35-year-old previously shared his desire to bag top honours with his new film American Dreams in China. 'He will consider settling down if he wins the Best Actor award,' said an insider.

Xiaoming and Angelababy first met via mutual friends in 2009. Although their budding romance came to light two years later, both parties have avoided talking about their relationship in public. When asked to verify on the rumours about the couple's impending marriage, Xiaoming's manager declined to comment on the artiste's personal affairs.

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment