Fred Cheng "High Score King" Falls Back, Regains Position with Mother's Support

Fred Cheng and Corinna Chamberlain were recording for The Voice of the Stars last night. Two new contestants Hinson Chou and Candice Chiu joined the competition in this episode. The "High Score King" Fred Cheng fell back a little last time as Ronald Law and Corinna defeated him. Last night with his mother mother supporting him in the audience, he was able to regain himself and get back in first place. Corinna was in second place and Ronald Law was in fourth place. As for Hinson and Candice, they were defeated and were both eliminated.

Last week Fred's harsh mentor Eric Moo gave him a lower score. Fred expressed: "Last time Corinna performed very well. I try my best on my singing, do my own part and just enjoy being on stage. Tonight each contestant was a strong opponent. (Your mentor Eric Moo isn't around, so you feel at ease?) Whoever is here, I will feel nervous. Today there is Mr. Mark Lui here, which gave me some pressure. Actually my mentor explained to me why he gave me the low score. Of course I'll accept it." Facing the last four episodes, Fred expressed he intends to ask his mentor for some advice on selecting a song, but Eric is currently in Beijing and he's unsure whether the No.8 Typhoon had affected his flight schedule back to Hong Kong.

Corinna frankly expressed getting the highest score last week certainly gave her a lot of encouragement. She said: "Today I will have some dancing, to me it is something new to try. Actually each time there is a low score, it is really about the judge, the song selection and the state of mind. Last time Fred came to perform without getting any sleep, that really caused a huge impact." She said she will be flying over to Gentings with the Inbound Troubles cast for a concert, but still hasn't had the chance to talk about the script (for the sequel) yet. She just hopes to keep eating good food and believes the sequel will be an all-new story. The current schedule is the sequel will start shooting in March 2014.

As one of the judges, Eric Kwok said the Hong Kong music industry has already been perceived as 'dead'. He said: "I discuss the HK music industry with a very close friend of mines, I don't publicly talk about it because I am apart of it. I have the responsibility to make the industry better. Its easy to destroy it, but very difficult to build it. As for whether the HK music industry is dying, nobody knows. After it dies, it can even come back to life. After all I am still making music."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum