Kate Tsui Embarrassed by Big Birthmark on Chest

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Chrissie Chau and evaL attended the Sincere HK store opening ceremony. Kate appeared in a sexy purple deep V dress, revealing the big birthmark on her chest. She said: "My mom had me like this, luckily the birthmark didn't get bigger and bigger. Stop looking, so embarrassing." Kate expressed she's just dressing for the ocassion, asked if she Chrissie Chau is her opponent is dressing sexily? She said: "No, in terms of body figure, I cannot compare to her."

Chrisse and Kelvin Kwan were rumored after they were spotted jogging together, she laughed: "We were just exercising. Actually I know he's been physical active, so was just getting some advice from him." Chrissie stressed she and Kelvin are just friends.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum