Gillian Chung dissatisfied with her name change: My company made me change it

Chilam Cheung, Gillian Chung and Kara Hui attended the premiere press conference of the movie "Fox Lover" in Beijing. Due to the typhoon, Gillian Chung arrived two hours late. Upon her late arrival, the reporters present impatiently booed, creating an awkward situation. Since Chilam flew to Beijing from Wuhan after finishing an event, he avoided the disaster. Chilam was arranged to sing "The Moon Represents My Heart" to stall for time with Kara Hui as a dance partner. Chilam said, "I flew here from Wuhan ahead of time yesterday, or else I would also have arrived late. Actually, Ah Gil also did not want it to happen."

As it turns out, the host for the event indicated that Ah Gil was in the process of applying makeup, creating a misunderstanding that she arrived late due to makeup. Ah Gil shouted the injustice, "I practically did not apply makeup. I rushed over from the airport and only applied lipstick and eye shadow."

Gillian bluntly stated that the first few days of filming, she felt that she made mistakes during every scene. During one scene, she could not help but cry, not knowing how to meet the director's requests. Reporters also took note that Gillian Chung had already changed her name from 钟欣桐 to 钟欣潼. When asked if it was in search of marriage destined by fate, she bluntly said that was said from reporters. In fact, from beginning to end, she did not like her new name at all. However, her management company said that it would be good for her career, so she changed it. She said that she also has mixed feelings because she has already used this name for so many years. But, she also indicated that the word used in her previous name (third name change) was too refined and gentle, unlike herself.

Source: Sina, Phoenix News Media
Translated by: Starlightcolors @ AsianFanatics Forum