Kathy Chow Strides - Lives A Simple and Peaceful Life

Since the 1990s, Kathy Chow had been filming TV series in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Due to her romance, she later concentrated her career in Beijing. Although she's in a stable relationship, she has no intention to make any changes to her current status in life since she had already encountered so many different love stories in acting. She just wants a peaceful life and believes she cannot stay still, she must keep on learning until old age.

Forgets Her Actual Age

This time, Kathy returns to HK for TVB series Sniper Standoff portraying an insurance agent and has several scenes opposite of Eddie Cheung. However, Kathy expressed when she first accepted this series, she found herself a little disappointed. "When I first heard about this police-themed series, I thought they would give me a policewoman role. I actually want to be a Madam, so I felt a little disappointed. In fact, I've portrayed firm characters before. If I wanted to be cool, I can be pretty cool, especially when I don't smile."

During the interview, the reporter mentioned Kathy has really kept her physical appearance well. She laughed: "Don't say that, giving me pressure. I'm not sure if its related to my attitude, but I can never remember how old I am. One time when I was filling out paperwork at the customs, I put down the wrong age, but luckily my assistant caught my mistake. I always tell friends not to think about the word 'old', let nature take its course because people shouldn't be so stuck on being old or not, when there are wrinkles, then there are wrinkles!"

High Career Ambitions

Based on Kathy's attitude in the interview, she does not only have a firm character, but she is also a person that does not like to stand still. She said: "I do have a little ego, just like today when I was picking out my outfit, I only think whether I'm going to be comfortable, and not whether I'm going to look sexy. I just want to be myself, even if I've portrayed many different roles on-screen, but during interviews I want to be myself. I try to tell people as much as I can that I am just that type of person."

As for as her love life, Kathy began concentrating her career in Beijing in 2003 because of her relationship, but after many years she still doesn't have plans for marriage. "It doesn't feel like its been 10 years, but I haven't planned anything. You ask me why? I don't think its necessary, its not like I want to have children. As long as my relationship is stable now, there is no need to do so much. Also I'm busy too and haven't thought of a reason yet, why should I get married? Let nature take its course!" Asked if she has consensus with her architect boyfriend Mr. Lau? She said: "He thought about it before, but it was me who kept rejecting him. He doesn't mention it now. I think there are a few things in life that are very important, I must do them, just like getting married and having children. But in my life, I don't need marriage or children, I actually want to pursue my dreams, have my own career and continue to try new things. I'm thinking about working behind-the-scenes, find good scripts and come up with plots."

Wedding Dress Dreams Crushed

Asked if Kathy is planning to make investments into producing TV series/films? She frankly expressed: "No, there are so many people in China, there will bound to be someone willing to make the investment. I actually think the story is more important. A good story is hard to find. Also, I still have interest working on-screen, and I'm not so wrinkled that nobody wants to watch me yet. I still enjoy working a lot."

Kathy expressed honestly she did have the desire to get married before, but unfortunately because she had done so many wedding scenes in TV series that it crushed her wedding dress dreams. "Back then when I was filming series, I always wear wedding dresses, or maybe the pre-modern and ancient styled wedding dresses, I didn't count how many times, but a conservative estimate is probably 10-20 times. So, I eventually lost the interest and feeling for it. TVB crushed my wedding dress dreams!"

Because of filming so many love stories, Kathy has even lost her desire to find love. "Yeah, so I like a simple and peaceful life. How can there be that many spectacular and dramatic love stories. Humans just work, eat and sleep. In the eye of an average viewer, an artist has a really colorful life, but my life is not colorful at all, its just peaceful."

Felt Lost Like a Corpse

Even if Kathy knows how to plan fo herself and have her own lifestyle, she still cannot avoid moments of feeling lost. She said: "I remember my second time filming in Taiwan, at the time my love life wasn't going too well, each day at work I felt like a corpse. One day I was chatting with a Taiwanese senior, I said I feel like I'm dead, no sign of life, but that senior gave me a clever response. He said the majority of the human's time is death! I felt even more lost when he said that to me, but I did think deeply about this comment. Sometimes in life, it is impossible that you will find so much excitement every moment every second unless you're inside a character, then you can find that kind of life. Because when I portray the character, the experiences won't always be encountered, so that's why acting is just a lot of fun. You can experience different lives. Thereafter, I haven't encountered that senior again, but his comment really helped me. Every individual goes through different stages in life, why do people always think they're so miserable? Because they give themselves too much pressure. Sometimes the thoughts go wrong, but I really rely on fate and view everything optimistically. If I cannot do it, then fine, there will be another opportunity. I really know how to comfort myself."

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum