Angelababy meets Huang Xiaoming's parents

The rumoured couple spent Mid-Autumn Festival together last week

Are wedding bells ringing for Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and his rumoured girlfriend Angelababy?

According to Taiwanese media, Xiaoming specially arranged for his parents to meet up with Angelababy in Hong Kong last week. The model-actress reportedly showed up at the restaurant way before the arrival of her 'future in-laws', who appeared to be very pleased with her gestures.

As it happened to be Mid-Autumn Festival that day, Xiaoming's parents returned to the hotel and left the couple to their own plans after the dinner session ended at 9pm. Attentive to their needs, Angelababy helped the elderly board the car before driving off to her apartment with Xiaoming.

Sharing insights on their Mid-Autumn date, Angelababy posted a photo of her Dior mooncakes on Instagram, while Xiaoming uploaded a similar entry about the festival on his microblog later that night.

Sources also revealed that Xiaoming, who is known to respect his parents' opinions very dearly, hopes to set up his own family before his 40th birthday. The 35-year-old previously shared his desire to bag top honours with his new film American Dreams in China. 'He will consider settling down if he wins the Best Actor award,' said an insider.

Xiaoming and Angelababy first met via mutual friends in 2009. Although their budding romance came to light two years later, both parties have avoided talking about their relationship in public. When asked to verify on the rumours about the couple's impending marriage, Xiaoming's manager declined to comment on the artiste's personal affairs.

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment