Andy Lau's new movie to be released in 2014

After nearly a year in production, it was revealed that Andy Lau's police thriller, "Firestorm", will be released early next year.

As reported on QQ website, the production team for the movie, which also stars Gordon Lam, Yao Chen and Hu Jun, has kept a tight lid on the movie's details since filming concluded on Lunar New Year this year.

Directed by screenwriter Alan Yuen, who wrote the story for "Rob-B-Hood", "Firestorm" stars Andy Lau as a cynical police inspector named Lu Mingzhe who wants to arrest Cao Nan (Hu Jun), the infamous ringleader of a criminal gang and put him behind bars by any means necessary.

He employs former convict and childhood friend, Tao, as an informant, after agreeing to give Tao a chance to start fresh with his ex-girlfriend (Yao Chen), but the two men soon realise that they are entangled in a chaotic mess that cannot be faced alone.

Aside from the brief summary, other known details about the movie are that it is executively produced by Andy and EDKO Films' Bill Kong, as well as a few photos of the movie's sets taken by netizens.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment