Carina Lau says her husband and Zhou Xun are friends

Carina Lau admitted that her husband Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Zhou Xun are friends, and that she has no intentions of controlling whom her husband can socialise with.

As reported on BBC News website, the actress, who recently launched her three new restaurants, sat down for an interview and expressed, "It's very natural for a person to be friends with a co-star since they interact a lot during filming. I don't know Zhou Xun well, but I do believe they are good friends."

The actress continued saying she and her husband give each other a lot of personal space when it comes to the people they befriended, saying that she also has her male confidants.

"It is common for anybody to share similar interests with someone who is not your partner in life," she explained.

The actress also denied that the controversy surrounding Tony and Zhou Xun has affected their marriage, "If I am this sort of person, we will have parted ways long ago."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment