Cheung Tat-ming to direct a movie

Cancer survivor Cheung Tat-ming recently revealed that he will be directing a movie.

According to Sina website, while speaking to the media at a press conference on 23 September, the 49-year-old actor stated, "I am in the middle of writing a script right now. Next year I will be directing a film, though I will not be involved as an actor."

He also added that "Vulgaria" director Pang Ho-cheung has agreed to produce the movie.

When asked about the current condition of his health, Cheung was all smiles and expressed, "I am a bit on the chubby side now and need to exercise harder. My limbs are still numb, so I have to walk more than jog."

He also revealed that he had turned down a lot of job offers previously due to his weak state, but he will now be taking on jobs that he could handle, which include hosting events, in order to absorb more positive energy.

Cheung continued, "Of course, I can't stand for more than two hours for one show, but I am okay about hosting."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment