Benny Chan's Second Child is Born, an 8.3LB Baby Boy

Yesterday at 10am, Benny Chan's wife Lisa Jiang gave birth to their second child, a 8.3 pounds baby boy. Mother and son are safe and healthy. Benny and Lisa named their baby boy "Chan King Hin", he's filled with hair and has his father's big nose.

Benny took a month off to be with his wife during her postpartum month. Lisa gave birth to their baby boy at the St. Paul Hospital in Causeway Bay and their son is a Libra just like Benny. It turns out this is Lisa's promise to Benny, that is to give birth to a boy who has the same zodiac as him. Their daughter "Chan Nga Yu" was born on November 30th; mother and daughter have the same birthday.

Benny felt grateful his wife was able to give him the feeling of how mighty motherly love is for a second time. He couldn't stop smiling while he was carrying his son. Their daughter Nga Yu also had the big sister model in her, she gave her little brother a light kiss on the cheek and wanted to help take care of him. The previous night before giving birth, Lisa disclosed on Weibo she and her husband sneaked out of the hospital during the No.8 typhoon to have a huge feast because she has to eat a lot in order to have the strength to give birth.

Lisa expressed her doctor had urged her several times to give birth at an earlier date because her unborn child was getting too big and feared she may put her life at risk. As her son is very active, her water broke before and she worried she may not be able to withstand it any longer. Yesterday morning while Typhoon Usagi "attacked" HK, Lisa wrote on Weibo: "As they say good things more hardships. As the big storm approaches, my son is waiting for you!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum