Chapman To Turns Muscular, Shares His New Figure on Instragram

The summer season brought beautiful legs to mother earth, but it turns out the autumn season brings the muscles. Three "HK guys" posted photos of their muscular bodies on social networking sites. The most surprising was Chapman To, who had been known to have a chubby figure. He uploaded a surprising photo of his new figure on Instagram, showing off his new "chocolates". Looks like he successfully lost weight and turned into a 'light version' Nick Cheung. Chapman disclosed: "I spent half a year in the gym. I had to do aerobic exercises for an hour each day and weight lifting about 3-4 days a week. Controlling my diet is healthy, I got enough protein each day and had less meals. Don't fall for any of those so-called secrets, just believe in your own determination and discipline. The weight loss process is endless, don't think just because you made a small achievement that its called successful! This is just the beginning! Work hard everyone!"

Louis Cheung trained himself hard for his concert and even cried during the process. Fortunately his wife Kay Tse was there to support him. Benjamin Yuen shared a photo of his grandfather when he was young and compared the picture to himself. They were both just as built.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZangel @ AsianEU Forum