Linda Chung breaks down on set

The Hong Kong-based actress is said to be troubled by her relationship woes

TVB actress Linda Chung was recently seen throwing tantrums and breaking down in tears on set of new drama Tiger Cubs II, due to relationship problems with her long-time rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng.

Speculations claiming that the two broke up surfaced after Philip was spotted hanging out frequently with his well-endowed church friend lately. Sources also revealed that the break-up was initiated by the actor last month.

'He suggested that both parties focus on building their careers for the next few years. And if they still love each other after that, they can consider getting back together again,' said an insider.

Although Linda was against the idea, she accepted his preposition as he was firm about it. However, the 29-year-old was devastated after reports of Philip's new budding romance were published.

Speaking in a recent interview, Linda admitted that she is aware of the existence of Philip's female church friend, but she denied breaking down during filming because of her personal problems.

Source: Xinmsn Entertainment