Joe Ma treats "Tiger Cubs 2" cast and crew

The rigorous filming of "Tiger Cubs 2" is finally over and its lead actor, Joe Ma, is so overjoyed that he personally paid for a special feast for the cast and crew.

According to Mingpao website, on 18 September, the stars of "Tiger Cubs 2" such as Linda Chung, Him Law and Christine Kuo, attended the wrap-up party organised by Joe Ma, which cost him more than HKD 10,000 (app. USD 1,289). Linda and Him also lent him a helping hand by sponsoring lucky draw prizes for the event.

The male cast of "Tiger Cubs 2" also shouted their slogan, "Delay No More!", which they came up with during filming to motivate themselves, for the last time.

Joe also talked about his experience working on the series, saying, "Before I became an actor, I was a part of the Hong Kong Police Department. But "Tiger Cubs" was the most strenuous thing I have ever participated in!"

When asked if he would reprise his role for a third instalment, Joe said that he would only consider it if the response to the sequel is great.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment