Kelvin Kwan denies dating Chrissie Chau

Hong Kong singer-actor Kelvin Kwan recently dismissed rumours of a blossoming relationship with sexy actress Chrissie Chau, after the two of them were recently spotted doing a recreational activity together.

According to I-Cable website, while speaking to the media at the Joyful Mental Health Foundation's Ocean Park Charity Run event on 17 November, the actor, who is one of the organisation's ambassadors together with actress Joey Meng, looked slightly embarrassed when asked about the rumours of him dating Chrissie.

Kelvin denied that they have been secretly dating for three months, and explained, "We are only friends. We've become close after shooting "Kick Ass Girls" and will meet up for exercise whenever we can get together. But she's busy and often had to work overseas anyway."

Since both of them are still single, the media asked Kelvin if there is any chance that that friendship will turn into love. The 30-year-old actor answered, "That would depend on fate."

Chrissie was also asked about her relationship with Kelvin, and laughingly answered, "We were just exercising! Actually I know he's been physically active, so I decided to get some fitness advice from him."

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment